Artist & illustrator – France (Le Mans, 72)

Through illustration, their preferred medium, Kiwii Pastek sets out to represent bodies and, in particular, the bodies of people who are invisibilised in the public space: initially fat people, then, as she reflects on and discovers more about their own gender identity, queer, trans, non-binary people, and so on. More recently, they have taken an interest in the representation of mental health, from depression to dysmorphophobia. Their aim is to tackle these issues in a joyful way, using colour to celebrate the bodies that are all too often shown and caricatured by people who are not concerned. Through their work, and on a small scale, Kiwii Pastek wants to give a voice to those who have something to say about their extraordinary existence, which for they expresses infinite beauty and richness in a dull and violent world. Find out more about their work on their social networks!