Artist & illustrator – France (Rennes, 35)

Romane, a 28-year-old art director in Rennes, in a communication agency by day, transforms into Recel Noir by night, becoming an illustrator specialising in the art of linocut. Her artistic double inhabits a dark and bewitching graphic universe.
In her creations, Recel Noir explores a mystical territory, populated by skeletal characters who come to life in settings that are both religious and macabre. His work, inspired by Orthodox icons, creates works that evoke strangeness and spirituality.
Each numbered illustration in Recel Noir is the fruit of long hours spent perfecting every detail. From the meticulous work of the preparatory sketches to the technique of engraving on lino, the world of Recel Noir is an invitation to plunge into the darkness to discover an enigmatic world where art and the sacred merge.