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Our partners

Find out more about the various partners who are working with us, supporting us and who will be present at the event. We would like to thank them warmly for their support.

An event of enthusiasts for everyone

The theme of ink will accompany our visitors, bringing together designers and tattoo artists throughout the weekend. The aim of this event is to modernise the vision of tattooing, by combining it with more traditional arts that are less subject to prejudice. Discover a multitude of masterpieces on all media: skin, canvas or even ceramics.


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Do you want to exhibit?

With over 130 spaces available for you to display your art, there's sure to be one just for you!

Would you like to come?

Book your tickets (and your weekend) to come and discover the work of all these artists on 20 & 21 April 2024.

Les Jours de l'Encre est un événement mêlant art & tatouage à Rennes. La première édition se déroulera au Couvent des Jacobins les 20 & 21 avril 2024.


Vous souhaitez être exposant, partenaire ou vous avez des questions ? Prenez contact avec notre équipe.